Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blythe Workshop in Brazil

I've just returned from teaching a custom Blythe workshop in the beautiful coastal city of Porto Alegre in Southern Brazil.  I was fortunate enough to get to spend two amazing weeks with a loving family in a stunning home, located in the heart of the city.

When I first accepted the invitation I was very excited and a little nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect.  I simply saw it as a great opportunity to share my knowledge and get to spend some time with new people in a new country.  I had no idea that it would turn out to be so much more. 

While I knew this adventure would be filled with wonderful new experiences, I find it hard to believe that in such a short time, it also resulted in such deep and lasting friendships.

The food in Brazil was as beautiful as it was delicious.  I ate many new fruits, lots of fresh veggies and, what Brazil is famous for, it's BBQ meats.  Each day was a delight that started with the sharing of chimarr√£o, a green tea that I enjoyed most of all.  Denise taught me the proper preparation using a traditional gourd, and metal filtering straw (bomba).  I was able to bring some home to share with my family, although it just isn't quite the same as sharing it with my new friends in Brazil.

My approach to teaching has always been through demonstration.  We carefully followed my syllabus and worked through each step together; opening the head, applying makeup, dying mohair, re-rooting and assembling everything back together.
The amazing ladies, Eliana, Denise and Sofia (Denise's 10 year old daughter) were all a part of the class.  They worked hard, and exercised their creativity resulting in really beautiful dolls. I am very proud and impressed with what they created in such a short amount of time.

Custom Blythe Dolls by Denise, Eliana and Sofia
In those moments that we weren't diligently working on our dolls we celebrated with music, art, smiles and laughter.  I will never forget the kindness and generosity that was shown to me.

Thank you very much to
Eliana, Denise, Sofia, Felipe and Fernanodo


  1. It sounds you had a terrific stay in Brazil! How cool! It's funny because I have already dreamed of organizing and attending such a class! I envy your students ;-)

  2. Hi Amy, I have no words to thank you for this wonderful experience that was your visit, I learned many things and most importantly your friendship. I miss you. Thanks for everything!